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Preparing for the brightest future, Pacific Health Educational Center (also known as PHEC) is pioneering in quality Nursing and Healthcare education, through dedication and commitment to our students’ future success. We offer a unique educational and transformative learning experience that is designed to help our students' intellectual growth and confidence in the field of Nursing or Healthcare. 

We welcome any prospective students to check out our school, inquire about the programs we offer, and find out why we are considered "the best CNA school with the best CNA program in San Diego".



Here to Educate and Challenge

Established in 2010, Pacific Health Educational Center (PHEC)

is a California Department of Public Health (CDPH) State-approved Training Provider. We only have 1 main School centrally located in San Diego, accessible to both North and South counties. (We have no affiliation to other schools or organization that used names similar to ours).

Our Training Programs are offered to any student searching for a beginning in their Nursing or Healthcare career. Our highly qualified and experienced DSD Instructors (RNs, LVNs) serve as facilitators in the program, guiding students through academic exploration and individual learning, by providing quality education.

We are a State Authorized Test site for CNAs that has consistently maintained a high-passing rate. This is mainly because our passionate Instructors and Staff are dedicated to helping our students become successful in the field, and make an impact in the Nursing and Healthcare industry.

So if you are ready for a challenge and to reach your goal, come join us and become one of the many successful students

of PHEC family!



Committed to Quality Education

The Mission of Pacific Health Educational Center is committed to providing quality education and training programs, that will prepare students to develop the necessary nursing skills and knowledge they need in patient care. The training programs are designed to foster opportunities for learning, self-discipline, proper attitude, and the ability to meet employer expectations
in the field of Nursing and Healthcare.

Check out the CDPH State Approved Programs that we offer.



Our Accelerated Nursing Assistant (CNA) program follow the CA State approved CNA Curriculum, and is designed to teach students the Basic Nursing skills, the Principles of Care and the knowledge necessary for resident/patient care, in a Long-term care facility, Hospital and other Healthcare settings. The CNA program has 8 days of Theory lecture and 14 days of Clinical training or 176 total hours.

Upon Program completion and passing of our School Finals, the student will be eligible to take the CA State Certification Exam, which is conducted in our school.  After passing both Written and Skill/Manual competency tests of the State Exam, a CNA license will be issued by the California Department of Public Health (CDPH), and the Certified Nurse Assistant's name will then appear in the CDPH website database -

Approvals and Accreditations

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Pacific Health Educational Center

is conducting "in-person or in-classroom" program sessions and "health safety" is our main priority.

We still require all our students and staff to wear masks within the school premise and to practice social distancing when possible.

We also require temperature checks upon entry. 

Better to stay safe, than sorry!