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Eligible students are accepted
without regard to gender, national origin, sexual orientation or religion.

Admission Requirements:

Age 18 years old and above

Valid or current State ID or Driver's license

Social Security card or number

High School Graduate or GED

English language comprehension on both reading & written

Latest Physical exam & TB test result or Chest X-ray

CNA - $ 1975

$ 575 payment due upon enrollment, installment payments applied to balance.

Tuition package includes:

Registration fee, Scrubs uniform (2), loaner Textbook, Handbook and Handouts, Live scan Fingerprint fee, BLS/CPR course by American Heart  Association, CNA State Exam testing fee and Review class for State Exam.

Current or valid Driver's License or State ID and Social Security card/number are required to enroll in the program.

HHA - $ 450

$ 200 due upon enrollment, 

$ 250 paid on last day of the program

Current or active CNA license/certificate, valid Driver's license or State ID, and most recent (6 months or less) Physical Exam & TB test result is required to enroll in the program.

CEU - $ 60

$ 60 for 8 hours 
$ 30 for 4 hours

CNAs may attend either

4 hours CEU class (8:00am - 12:30pm)  or

8 hours CEU class (8:00am - 4:30pm).

There will be 2 CEU topics per 8 hour class. Inquire about the topics scheduled.

Current or active CNA license/certificate is required to join in the class.

Accepts cash payments only for CEU.

RNP - $ 250

$100 to enroll and balance $150 due on last day of program

Our Restorative Nursing Program (RNP) is for 2 class days (Sat-Sun) or 16 total credit hours. 

Current or active CNA license/certificate and with at least 6 months of CNA work experience are required to enroll in the program.

Admission & Fees: News

“The only way to get ahead ... is to get started."

Becoming a CNA is often the first step towards a career in Nursing, Healthcare or even other Medical occupations.

So if you are ready to get ahead in your career, let us be that first step in an ever-growing field, where the opportunities are endless.

So start your career and enroll now!

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